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This is the official website of the New Zealand Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights in Sri Lanka Incorporated (NZ SPUR)(Registration no. 2078029).

The Society was formed in 2007 as a response to the increasing demand of New Zealanders who wish to direct their collective voice and efforts to influence the achievement of peace and preserve democracy and human rights in Sri Lanka.

NZ SPUR believes in solving economic, social and political issues confronting Sri Lankapeacefully and categorically deplores the use of arms and inflicting violence with tragic outcomes to achieve these aims.

We value our partnership with the world-wide movement with similar aims and objectives and NZ SPUR is a member of the World Alliance for Peace in Sri Lanka (WAPS) and work in close cooperation with other regional organizations with the aim of generating a Unified Voice in Australasia on Peace, Democracy and Human Rights in Sri Lanka.

The aims and objectives of NZ SPUR are:

  • To advocate, promote and protect peace, democracy and human rights in Sri Lanka.
  • To increase awareness of harmful effects of race based communal segregation and separatism and advocate the need of combating terrorism in Sri Lanka.
  • To seek, obtain and disseminate balanced and unbiased information on issues relating to peace, democracy and human rights in Sri Lanka and maintain a databank and be a part of a global network of such information.
  • To expose and counter mis-information and dis-information on issues relating to peace, democracy and human rights inSri Lanka
  • To function as a focal point in the Pacific for dissemination of information to the media, governmental and non-governmental Organizations and engage in advocacy in national and international forums on issues of peace, democracy and human rights in Sri Lanka.
  • To liaise with other Sri Lankan community Societies and Organizations with similar objectives spread throughout the world for exchange of information and work jointly to achieve the objectives.

To support rehabilitation, care and welfare of victims of separatist acts of aggression and terrorism and their dependents in Sri Lanka.

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