The New Zealand Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights in Sri Lanka Inc, (SPUR NZ) was formed in 2007 as a response to an increasing demand by the Sri Lankan Community in New Zealand to direct their collective voice and efforts to influence the achievement of peace and preserve democracy, unity and human rights in Sri Lanka.

After achieving peace in 2009, SPUR NZ is continuing with the path of improving the democracy, unity and human rights of the people in Sri Lanka while highlighting the historical developments that led our nation to the present day.

We invite you to visit this site and get a glimpse of the efforts made by Sri Lankans over a period of thousands of years to safeguard the territorial integrity and to preserve the environment of their motherland to hand over to the next generation.

Current Project

New Zealand Society for Peace Unity and Human Rights ( SPUR NZ )
proudly presents
ඝරසරප (Gharasarapa)
A film by the veteran film